A life dedicated to animals

Save the Dogs and Other Animals is one of the world’s most admired animal welfare organisations.

It was founded in 2002 by Sara Turetta, a young woman from Milan who, during a trip to Romania, was deeply distressed by the number of stray dogs wandering the streets in a state of deprivation, and by the cull ordered by the authorities.

In the newly published book “I cani, la mia vita” (‘Dogs, my life’ published in Italian by Sonda), Sara tells her story of courage and resilience.

This is a story about caring for animals but also about caring for human beings because the realms of animals and humans are closely interlinked.

Today, Save the Dogs has around fifty employees. At its new clinic in Cernavod which opened three years ago, on average 1,600 animals are neutered every year. Since 2005, almost 8,000 dogs have been found new homes.

In this interview Sara tells us what has been giving her the strength to carry forward her mission every day for the past 18 years …

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