What to wear to a job interview? Anna Wintour has the answer.

She is the queen of style. When it comes to tips on looks, the words of iconic Vogue director and fashion guru Anna Wintour are akin to the Bible. And in one of the episodes of the YouTube series “Go Ask Anna”, she answers the question that haunts so many new candidates hoping to land the job of their dreams: “What to wear to a job interview?”

“It is always very interesting to see how people dress when they come for an interview,” says Anna Wintour. “Often one gets the impression that they are wearing something bought that same morning, or the night before, instead of something that represents their personality, who they really are, at least in some way. I think everyone should keep in mind when they are interviewing, at Vogue or any other employer, that we are not hiring their wardrobe. Your closet won’t do the job for you. What matters is who you are”.

If in the film The Devil Wears Prada the character played by Meryl Streep, inspired by Anna Wintour, analyses in detail the outfit of the new secretary (Anne Hathaway), in reality, things would appear simpler. The advice of the Vogue Director is to dress in a way that expresses oneself and one’s personality. Without trying to impress the employer by wearing something that does not belong to his or her way of being, but then choosing a look that reflects their own characteristics.

“I remember when a young man arrived at his interview with a women’s dress and a handbag. I gave him the job on the spot”, Anna Wintour remembers. “You need to dress for yourselves, whatever the job you’re putting yourself out for. I think you’re doing yourself a disservice by pretending to be someone you’re not”.

The key, therefore, according to Anna Wintour, is to be yourself. Even when you feel out of your comfort zone, wearing a kilt or a rainbow colored wig. But to be hired at Vogue by the queen of style, you’re going to need much, much more.

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