The new world of Brunello Cucinelli

We have gone through thirty years of emotional crisis. Thirty years of culture crisis. More than ever we need emotions and these emotions contain the future.

Imagine what it means to look at the world, a new world changed by the internet and digital technology, replacing fear with hope. To do this we have to redesign the world map of work. In this world map Italy has lots of opportunities to grasp, especially in articles in the middle to high end of the market.

How many of us have done a manual job? I have done it, but for one day only. With my brother who was a plumber. Only one day, because I didn’t go any more. I was at the bar playing cards and my brother told me “come and give me a hand”. I answered “No, being a plumber is not exactly a great job”.

I was wrong. What I mean is that work is a difficult thing. It is difficult to do manual work for a thousand euros per month. It is difficult to work in the cold and in complicated situations. Here is the real issue. An issue that I have lived with in my family, where everyone was a farmer. What did they dream of in my family? They dreamt of working in places that were slightly better. The places are important, they mark the change.

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We need good people. We need to overcome the fear that has been passed on to us and regain our hope.

Brunello Cucinelli

Jean Jacques Rousseau says that the human being is creative when everything around him is at peace with the created. Let us start out from this concept: if I give you the dignity and respect, the next day you more creative. Because that’s how people are.

If we are to be genuine and credible, first of all we must always be ourselves. When we fear, when things are going well when they go a little less well, always.

We go toward a completely new world, a transparent world. What and who do we need to deal with it? We need good people. We need to overcome the fear that has been passed on to us and regain our hope. We need to get back to studying. Let us not repeat the mistake, when a person did not want to study, of saying: “Then go to work”. We blame work for not having studied.

We live in a time where the evils of the soul are felt. The background computer noise that affects our daily life. We are all too connected. Connected on Saturday, connected on Sunday, we don’t look up and with our own hands we make life difficult.

You cannot work after five in the evening and you can’t be connected in the evening, on Saturday or Sunday. In the company I always wanted everyone to arrive at eight, then at one there is a lunch break. But we also need a break from too many emails that, pardon the term, make us stupid. We do not speak any more and if we need something we don’t telephone, we send an email. But with a phone call I can understand your mood, your emotions. With an email I can’t. When speaking I can understand if you have a problem in an instant. I understand your fear. But I can begin to cultivate a hope with you.

This text has been taken from the speech by Brunello Cucinelli who opened the 13th Convention of the Cgm consortium entitled “A whole different undertaking – Social, creative and sustainable”.

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