The best businesses in the world? They all have these 8 qualities

The Corporate Rebels was established in 2016 by a group of four Dutch boys with a mission: to make workplaces more enjoyable and improve businesses, making the experience of the workers more pleasant.

The group has a blog in which stories about better jobs in which to work are shared. They support organisations during the stages of transforming the workplace into a better and more involving environment. It tours the world giving presentations and inspiring thousands of people.

In this video interview we met the founders, Pim de Morree and Joost Minnaar who talk about their experience. After graduating in engineering, both started working for large companies, but the job was frustrating because of the excessive bureaucracy and the lack of freedom in managing their time. This is why they decided to resign and make a list of companies in which employees live better and where work is more stimulating. To understand how they are organised and what their strengths are, they decided to visit 60 of them, and this enabled them to identify the eight characteristics that the best companies to work for all have in common. These include ability to create a team, interest in the special characteristics of individuals and the existence of a supportive and inclusive leadership.

The common theme of the best companies to work for is the subject of discussion and research also in Italy. Precisely in this regard, the Adecco Group also conducted a survey entitled “The Company of dreams” last September on the occasion of the International Day of dreams. The survey photographs the situation today mainly as it relates to the world of youth. It was found that cooperation, professional growth and the opportunity to express one’s talent are among the fundamental requirements that the ideal company should have in order to be preferred over others. We are faced with a clear countertrend compared to the past in which the things given most importance in choosing a company concerned strictly economic questions and one related mainly to the self-affirmation. The survey however shows that less than a third of the interviewees believe they are in the company of their dreams.

As suggested by Corporate Rebels and the survey of the Adecco Group, we must pay more attention to the happiness of workers and those aspects considered fundamental above all by young people in order to bring each current working environment nearer to being the company of their dreams.

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