Davide Dattoli, co-founder of Talent Garden, the co-working network that nurtures successful startups

The latest partnership dates back to just a few days ago, when Talent Garden and Google for Entrepreneurs – the Mountain View division that pools together more than 50 innovative organizations worldwide – signed a protocol whereby all Talent Garden start-ups (comprising 2000 people across 18 cities in 6 European countries) will have the opportunity to participate in events, initiatives, projects and programmes aimed at promoting and internationalising their business.

Young people, talent and work. It is around these three concepts that our hour-long chat with the Italian co-founder of Talent Garden, 26-year-old Davide Dattoli, revolved, as he welcomed us in the co-working network’s headquarters in Milan, Italy.

“Talent Garden stems from the idea of bringing people together: in an increasingly digital world, returning to a physical context, to sharing a coffee break, has become a true challenge. The idea was to create a physical co-working location that would pool together talented people responsible for innovation, creativity and digital development.” From this starting point, Talent Garden has grown to be the largest “physical platform of talents in Europe”. What, therefore, are the challenges and difficulties in creating a new start-up? Watch our video interview to hear the tips of a young person who has staked everything on innovation. And won.

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