The energy conversion will create new jobs

Tommaso Felici, 23 years old, has some very clear ideas and a great passion for the environment. One year and a half ago he left his town, Monterotondo, near Rome, Italy, and a good job as an accountant, to move to Turin to study Environmental Finance. In the future he hopes to become a scientific journalist and researcher of the relationship between man and environment.

An activist of Fridays For Future, the movement born from the protest of Swede Greta Thunberg against global warming and climate change, Tommaso tells us in this interview about the fundamental role of workers. “We want workers to take to the streets with us, because the climate emergency is a problem that belongs to all of us. Any economic measure that the political world will put into practice in favor of the environment must not hit workers, but the companies that are the main polluters. We don’t want these companies to close down, though. We’re talking about energy conversion: in other words, these companies need to start producing differently. It has also been proven that energy conversion will also create new jobs”.

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