Fabio Savelli: Young people, do not hide. Learn to find your way in an increasingly global labour market

In this video interview, Fabio Savelli, journalist of the Corriere della Sera, shares his thoughts on the importance of offering young people concrete ways of approaching the work world, and provides tips on how to face the transition from school to work. Companies play a crucial role in welcoming students and preparing them for their future, and on this issue, too, Savelli makes some interesting considerations.

Helping young people approach the work world is essential for their growth, and is a major challenge for institutions, schools, policy makers, companies and families. In academic year 2015/2016, over 652,600 students embarked on one of the over 29,400 high school work experience schemes organised by 96% of the schools participating at the national level. These schemes saw the involvement of more than 151,200 hosting structures, including private companies, public administrations and non-profit organisations.

In the current social and economic climate, student guidance schemes – and the solutions (such as vocational training or level 1 apprenticeships) that promote same – are essential for tackling the challenges of the labour market and preparing for an increasingly global, digitized and evolving market. Although the employment figures for 2017 are approaching those of 2008 (according to the First Annual Report on the labour market: an integrated reading, published by Istat, Inps , Inail and Anpal), the overall scenario has changed profoundly: the current market is more dynamic, requiring greater flexibility, adaptability, and ongoing training throughout one’s working life.

According to the report, however, the overall rate of employment among 15 to 34 year olds has decreased by 10.4%, despite a feeble recovery since 2015.

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