Giacomo Poretti: “The pandemic has taught us to find new solutions

“If we were paying attention, we would understand that there is a great deal to learn from this pandemic!” These are the words of Giacomo Poretti, one of Italy’s best-loved comic actors, thanks to the success of his comic trio ‘Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo’.

Basically, when life sets constraints, as it did during the lockdown, it is all about reinventing yourself, becoming a craftsman again, finding creative solutions… These skills are all the more necessary for entertainment professionals, among the hardest hit by the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

During the long months in which the theatres were closed, Giacomo and other actors, together with the Teatro Oscar of Milan, took their shows around the city in an Ape car, to unthinkable, almost taboo places. He shares his experience in this interview.

You can find out more about Giacomo and his approach to life in his latest book ‘Turno di notte’ (ed. Mondadori). A novel guaranteed to draw many a smile.


Our interview:

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