InPa, how public administration’s new Linkedin works

Nicknamed as the State ‘Linkedin’. Its real name, however, is ‘InPa’, the single portal for public administration recruitment created by the Draghi government to address the need for new professional profiles essential for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Presented on 23 November 2021 by Public Administration Minister Renato Brunetta, the new platform also provides a map of job opportunities in the public sector.

The InPa can be used to participate in tender procedures in the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan and also ordinary public procurement processes. An innovative tool conceived as part of Italy’s digital transition, it was developed with the contribution of Almaviva and LinkedIn.

The new protagonism of public administration

“Let’s build the new Italy together”, is the motto of the communication campaign created to launch the portal for citizens and administrations, with the stated aim of “improving the quality of recruitment through an innovative digital system that simplifies and speeds up the matching of supply and demand for public work“.

The portal is geared towards the selection of human capital needed to set the foundation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, but also represents an informative map of employment opportunities in the public administration, with the additional aim of acquiring new skills and attracting new young talent to public offices.

InPa assists Italian public administrations in managing tenders and recruiting professionals on the basis of internal needs. In parallel, citizens and professionals wishing to participate in public tenders and join the recruitment network can upload their CVs and apply online. Several memoranda of understanding also permit InPa to tap into the databases of registered professionals and non-regular professions.

How it works

Users can register with InPa using their SPID digital IDs or electronic identity card credentials. Next, they can simply upload their particulars, educational qualifications, training, skills and professional experience. Users have a reserved area where they can browse through notices, calls for tenders, competition procedures and then apply.

First of all, the type of selection is chosen between competitions and temporary opportunities for professionals. A specific region can then be chosen to view the nearest employment possibilities. Searches can also be conducted based on professional sector, also setting a range for the expected salary.

Opportunities in public offices

Minister Brunetta called on all Italians to put their CVs on the platform because “it will be a year full of opportunities in terms of job demand from public administrations, to which InPa offers a potential pool of at least 5.6 million CVs, in addition to the 15 million members of LinkedIn Italy, with which a special partnership has been signed. The projects and investments in the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan need professionals, technicians and specialists commissioned through fixed-term contracts and collaborative assignments”.

Brunetta has repeatedly explained that the plan will open up many employment opportunities in the public sector, predicting the creation of more than 1 million jobs by 2026. Many will be fixed-term contracts, but at the end of the five-year period “40% of these people will be able to be absorbed by the public administration in the usual way through a competitive procedure”, he said during the InPa presentation. Let’s not overlook the jobs that professionals will find thanks to contracts and European funds.

Large numbers that will need to be filled with the right profiles and skills. The data we have on hand tell us that Italian public administration personnel, in many cases, urgently need to be retrained and supplemented with new specialisations.

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