Linda Scott: “Women, join each other and fight for gender equality”

Today, women produce about 40% of the GDP worldwide. Unfortunately, gender equality in the workplace is still far from reality. At the global level, women have half the chance to be in a leadership position than their male colleagues. In wealthier countries, women have on average just 65% of the salary that men have, covering the same position.

This is some of the data that emerged from the book titled “The Double X Economy” (ed. Rizzoli), written by Linda Scott, Emeritus DP World Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oxford University. In this interview, Scott explains that gender equality could potentially contribute to solving important issues such as violence.

How to obtain gender equality? An important step would be to start looking at childcare as a fundamental infrastructure to society’s development. Women can give an important contribution as well, by building a network with other women and trying to deal with gender-related issues as a group rather than as individuals. Can gender equality actually become reality? “There is no doubt about this!” is the answer of Linda Scott. And in this video, she explains why.

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