Melanie Sodka: “By learning to manage time we reconnect with our values”

Time: a priceless asset that we never seem to have enough of. But, as coach and entrepreneur Melanie Sodka explains to us, there are some techniques which can help us make the most of it, allowing us to achieve our personal and professional goals more easily.

The end of the year is often a time to take stock of things. Very often we feel a sense of failure at not being able to devote enough time to what is really important to us. There is, however, a concept that goes beyond the concept of time, while being closely related to it. It is what Melanie Sodka, the globally renowned coach, teacher and entrepreneur, defines as “capacity“. There is a state of capacity for your career, one for your intellect, for health, for emotions, for financial expectations, for fun, and so on. All these are key elements conducive to the growth and peace of mind of human beings.

Capacity provides us, so to speak, with an ideal container which we can use to insert the activities that punctuate our daily lives. These containers include not only time, but also attention, energy and emotions. And if one of these containers, for example the one relating to our career, is too full, the consequences spread, affecting every other aspect of our lives.

So, how can we achieve a better balance in terms of not only time, but also of attention and energy devoted to the different areas of our life? The first step in answering this is to understand the situations and contexts in which we unconsciously tend to waste our time.

Melanie Sodka talks to us about it in this video interview, providing many ideas and useful tips to start the new year with new impetus.

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