The sharing economy is growing: now we can share sofas, books and gardens

Cars and houses, of course, but also so much more. The sharing economy now involves not only the more traditional areas – such as transport and accommodation – but also aspects of daily life that many people don’t imagine might be shared with friends or strangers. All of this, of course, for the benefit of those who use the services (saving) and the environment, as it reduces vehicles on the road, waste and pollution. Let’s look at some examples.

Bagbnb. People who visit cities for just one day or have to spend several hours outside after checking out have the problem of bulky baggage, making it very inconvenient and tiring to walk around. The need to de-bag and pick up at the end of the day is sometimes filled by hotels and stations, but this new online platform allows you to find an “unconventional” place to deposit them. Restaurants, bars, hotels or shops can provide a deposit at a price fixed by the application (5 euros per day) and avoid lengthy procedures for delivery and release.

Sparky. This is just one of the apps in the industry, but Sparky is a good example of platforms created to fill the need to find parking when you’re out and about by car. In fact, it allows individuals to rent a parking space (in the garage, on the street, in their own communities, as long as they are available) to someone who prefers to not waste tens of minutes in search of a spot, which then sometimes end up being a long way from where you need to go.

Sofan. Nothing is better for a football fan than to cheer with their fellow fans. Sofan was born to rejoice or to “suffer” together- but also to find a living room and a TV to watch the game. The app allows fans to get in touch and share any sporting event directly from the host’s home. A way to get together, to help those who may not be able to watch the game or the race at home, but also to allow the host to pay TV expenses in return.

Sofan shares TVs to watch matches and games, Paladin rents unused items and Bagbnb provides spaces to store luggage

Affittogiardino (rent your garden). A concept similar to that of Airbrb, Affittogiardino allows you to take over other people’s gardens for a few hours, which is ideal for organizing birthday parties, outdoor lunches, barbecues and more. Some of these spaces are already fully equipped, offering pools, games for children or other amenities based on price.

Paladin. How often do you buy an item and then leave it unused for months, if not for years? And yet it might be hard to throw it away or sell it, because you think it can come in handy at some point. For this dilemma, Paladin could be the solution, an app that allows you to rent all sorts of objects, dusting them off without giving them up forever, and also earning a little something in the meantime. An example could be a camping tent, a sleeping bag or fishing gear: something that can be used again and again. Conversely, those who rent the item will certainly spend much less than buying new equipment that they may no longer use.

Acciobooks. Save money and circulate culture. Not bad for “just an app”, and a perfect example of book sharing. Everyone provides a list of books they have at home and that they want to sell or lend for whatever reason, and in return they can choose to receive books from other users. All monitored and recorded by Acciobooks, which also allows you to create graphics, statistics and notes to keep track of your readings.

Vicker. In need of a small painting or electric job, or maybe you need to repair some cabinet doors? Small DIY jobs that some people enjoy doing on their own but that others would rather entrust to strangers. Often there is no need to turn to a professional, which is much more expensive and maybe not able to do the service immediately: in these cases Vicker can be handy, an app which connects people in need of these small domestic jobs and those who are able to supply them. Professionals might not always like it, but competition in the market often helps to improve it.

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