Sandro Marenco: “how social media have become an educational tool”

An English and support teacher at a high school in Alessandria, Sandro Marenco took to social media during the lockdown to meet his students virtually. His proposed content was a resounding success. Marenco now has over 320,000 followers on Tik Tok and 20 thousand more on Instagram. His mini-English grammar lessons, video-pills of less than sixty seconds, have clocked up 10 million views.

His is a virtuous example of what we can refer to as digital school, defined as a school capable of engaging the potential of the digital world, not only to train at a notional level, but also to educate.

In this context, the professor Marenco set up an e-mail box so that his young followers could open up more freely and talk about their weaknesses and fears:

Many of the e-mails received were collected by Marenco in the book Dillo al prof (Tell the Teacher), recently published by Salani. An interesting portrait to understand our younger generations in more depth.

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