What are museums doing on TikTok?

The choice to go on TikTok has been made not only by major museums, such as the Prado in Madrid, the Uffizi in Florence and the Metropolitan in New York, but also by small ones like the MArTa in Taranto in Italy. "Arousing curiosity is the key to getting people to visit museums," explains Ilde Forgione, head of the Uffizi's TikTok channel.

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Art, culture and health: cultural welfare to promote individual wellbeing

: If engaging in creative activities can reduce anxiety, stress and mood disorders, then these same activities can become a great way to reduce welfare costs while improving our quality of life. This is what cultural welfare is all about.

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Art goes social: where are the future professions in the sector?

Digital art sharer and influencer Elisabetta Roncati helps us understand how the sector is evolving and how social networks and the internet can be a valuable vehicle for promoting culture.

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How digital technology has also changed the art world in the year of the pandemic

With the imposition of lockdown and museums and exhibitions closing their doors, we have had to reinvent ourselves in this sector too. Among virtual tours and support campaigns, however, the results from trying out digital technology have been very positive, according to a report compiled on the subject in the UK

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Changing workplaces and the role of the designer

How have workplaces changed over time and how has the pandemic made these changes permanent? What skills are required to design the workspaces of the future? All this is revealed to us by designer director Mattia Gambardella.

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