Here’s how the creative economy can drive sustainable development

The United Nations has designated the sector as a driving force for building a future that respects the environment, workers and the essential pillars of democracy

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Becoming entrepreneurs at school? Sure, you can. Daniele Manni, winner of the Global Teacher Award, tells us how

For 15 years this former entrepreneur has been bringing to school his philosophy of "Learning (entrepreneurship) by doing (start-ups)", combining computer science and entrepreneurship. "I say to my kids: is it cooler to use a social network or a video game, or create one?"

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In class with Ken Robinson, the grandmaster of non-conventional education

We need to radically re-think our idea of intelligence . In the opinion of the renowned British educationalist and author, every child has natural talents that schools fail to value. Education systems should be unlocking creativity, the engine of learning

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The 100,000 volunteers on the front line during the emergency – and the recovery – in Italy

There are over 100,000 people in Italy who have not locked down: staying at home is not for them - they go out to help others. They are Italy's volunteers. Without them, the Covid-19 emergency would be even tougher.

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Expert brain: when passion for work shapes our brains

Antonio Cerasa is a psychologist and researcher at the CNR and was one of the first people in the world to study the phenomenon of expert brains: people who learn, act, innovate and expand the boundaries of the human mind through work activities

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Ken Robinson has a theory: school kills creativity (and it must be changed)

If nobody likes school, there must be a reason: it doesn't stimulate curiosity and mortifies talents, boxing the minds. But change can be possible: the book Creative Schools collects all the good examples of innovative schools in the world. And suggests a path to follow in the name of personalizing learning

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Trend hunters: this is how companies research what is on the public’s mind

How can we gain an understanding of which cultural trends are happening in the world right now? And what will be tomorrow's big thing? This book describes to us the trend hunter's toolkit

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Young people go into action: the 10 trendiest green jobs

From horticultural tutor to the agri-beautician, agri-chef and digital livestock breeder. These are the most innovative job profiles in the world of agriculture and the green economy.

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