How digital technology has also changed the art world in the year of the pandemic

With the imposition of lockdown and museums and exhibitions closing their doors, we have had to reinvent ourselves in this sector too. Among virtual tours and support campaigns, however, the results from trying out digital technology have been very positive, according to a report compiled on the subject in the UK

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Changing workplaces and the role of the designer

How have workplaces changed over time and how has the pandemic made these changes permanent? What skills are required to design the workspaces of the future? All this is revealed to us by designer director Mattia Gambardella.

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Italy’s budget law: what’s in store for the employment sector

The budget contains emergency measures, but also important innovations, such as the new income indemnity fund for the self-employed and the extension of expansion contracts

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How to create emotional empathy in the social distancing era

Social distancing and working remotely have an impact on interpersonal and professional relationships. HR expert Stefania Capelli explains how to get employees involved remotely too.

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Five books to help us understand the post-Covid world

From jobs to the environment, from the economy to psychology by way of philosophical reflections, the pandemic has accelerated some phenomena and curtailed others. Recent publications offer an abundance of writings, essays and insights on the current moment and on the repercussions we can expect in the future.

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The data economy: a hidden treasure for post-Covid Italy

According to a study presented by Ernst & Young, Italy's data economy could generate revenues equivalent to around 2.8% of the country's GDP, about 50 billion euro. But during the pandemic, weaker companies have lost even more ground

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Covid means testing times for culture: rethinking jobs and know-how

A three-way' interview with Giacomo Poretti, actor and founder of the Oscar theatre in Milan; Davide Milani, president of the Ente dello Spettacolo foundation, and Andrée Ruth Shammah, director of the Franco Parenti theatre in Milan

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