Barbero and his brothers, from scholars to web stars

Use your scientific and academic method to get into the homes and headsets of millions of Italians: from popularisers who focus on storytelling to academic-popularisers like historian Alessandro Barbero

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What we learned from watching 90 TV series…

Series such as Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, The Warden, The Handmaid's Tale help to bring out pressing contemporary issues such as racism and feminism. Two 'couch anthropologists' share their insights after watching and studying ninety of them

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Not just social networks and TV series: a reading Italy is growing

Italians are buying books again. The statistics are full of surprises: fewer new hardcopy products are appearing on the market, yet overall demand is growing steadily

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Art, culture and health: cultural welfare to promote individual wellbeing

: If engaging in creative activities can reduce anxiety, stress and mood disorders, then these same activities can become a great way to reduce welfare costs while improving our quality of life. This is what cultural welfare is all about.

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Ebooks and audiobooks: reading is increasingly digital

Readership increased during the pandemic year along with the emergence of diverse reading tools. The publishing industry will now need to deal with these changes, including the introduction of new professionals

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China is banking on lifelong learning to lead the digital world

Xi Jinping's government faces a major challenge in the coming years in reskilling its workforce, adapting it to the challenges of automation and digitalisation. Beijing spent 56% of its global investments on education in 2019

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Company culture, a people-driven operating system to leverage business growth

If we are to keep pace with change and respond effectively to crises, human capital must be at the forefront. Alessandro Rimassa, a digital transformation expert, explains how to build a winning corporate culture.

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How to create emotional empathy in the social distancing era

Social distancing and working remotely have an impact on interpersonal and professional relationships. HR expert Stefania Capelli explains how to get employees involved remotely too.

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