Social distancing, health and safety protocols and a splash of creativity: the solutions to reopen Italian schools

Some have introduced shifts and alternating attendance schedules, others will hold lessons at the museum: Italian schools have found a wide variety of ways to start the school year safely. Though many doubts remain

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What Italy’s small schools can teach us during the coronavirus emergency

The unprecedented isolation forced upon us by Covid-19 has not disrupted the lessons of eight thousand Italian schools located in mountain communities and on small islands. For them geographic isolation is a normal way of life. Here are the three key words to describe a model worth imitating

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Coronavirus and e-learning: all the tools for home schooling

From video channels with educational content to fully-fledged online platforms with practice tests there are many ways to keep up the training and be schooled while quarantined at home.

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Schools: after Coronavirus, nothing will be the same

Schools are closed all over Italy, 7.5 million students are staying home. The digital world, which so far has divided teachers' opinions, has quickly become the only way to keep in touch with the children and teach long distance. But what will happen after this emergency?

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Opus 2065, in Bologna the cluster that cultivates the young people’s future

The Fondazione Golinelli (Golinelli Foundation) programme includes innovative training models, a research centre for future knowledge and a fund to support new entrepreneurial activities. Interview with General Manager Antonio Danieli

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