Including diversity, il futuro della moda è la diversità

Oggi anche i brand di moda sono chiamati a fare decisi passi avanti in termini di DE&I, riconoscendo il valore dell’unicità e l’importanza di avere al proprio interno talenti e team multiculturali. Il racconto, a PHYD, di alcune tra le voci di settore più autorevoli.

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Disabled people and work, still a long way to go

Research from the Dynamo Academy and the experience of Vincenzo Falabella, national president of the Italian disability outreach federation FISH (Federazione Italiana per il Superamento dell'Handicap) indict the pandemic for a yearlong profectus interruptus undermining the headway made in Italy to include people with disabilities and pathologies in the labour market. Where should we recommence?

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Marty Walsh, former union leader and President Biden’s Labour Secretary

The Biden administration's new labour secretary, a former mayor of Boston, has an extensive record as a trade union member. He now faces the challenge of post-pandemic job recovery

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Beyond a degree: soft skills will shape the future of work

Academic qualifications and hard skills will no longer be enough says the World Economic Forum. Companies require problem-solving skills, an eye for detail and a capacity for continuous learning, even without that piece of paper'

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The number of women lawyers is growing

The percentage of female legal professionals is increasing in a field where, 20 years ago, just 20% were women. Yet, despite a nearly 50/50 gender split between trainees, it remains the case that only men successfully climb to the upper echelons of the profession. Barbara de Muro, the lawyer in charge of the ASLA Women project, explains why we should turn things around and how to do it

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People with disabilities and the world of work: an opportunity for everyone, say managers

An AstraRicerche survey reveals that having disabled employees boosts efficiency and innovation in companies

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