From smart working to soft skills: a new vocabulary for a changing workplace

These pandemic-pervading months revolutionised the lexicon of work, coining new terms and affording novel nuances to some words. Here are ten words that will leave their mark on the present and the future.

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How to create emotional empathy in the social distancing era

Social distancing and working remotely have an impact on interpersonal and professional relationships. HR expert Stefania Capelli explains how to get employees involved remotely too.

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Corporate welfare programmes? They make sense when they are personalised

Standardised programmes won't work. Every scheme designed for employees should be personalised to the specific needs of each individual, maintains Matilde Marandola, director at the Italian association for people management

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Mauro Porcini: A good designer needs to understand people’s dreams and needs

Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo Mauro Porcini describes the job of designers in the future

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