Big Tech is shaping remote working for today and tomorrow

Microsoft acquired, Google created Focus Time, and Apple took over the startup Fleetsmith. Large IT companies have been paying increasing attention to the evolution of smartworking, helping to redefine the contours of present and future work.

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Le Big Tech disegnano il remote-working di oggi e di domani

Microsoft ha acquisito, Google ha creato Focus Time, Apple ha inglobato la startup Fleetsmith. Le grandi aziende dell’informatica dedicano sempre più attenzione all’evoluzione dello smartworking, contribuendo a ridefinire i contorni del lavoro del presente e del futuro

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Ibrahima Ba and the dream of connecting an entire continent

His mission? To transform Africa into a new hotspot for global data centres. A profile of an emerging face in the global digital transformation, considered among the twenty most influential African personalities of the 21st century

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Ibrahima Ba, l’uomo che sogna di connettere un Continente

La sua missione? Far diventare l'Africa un nuovo hotspot per i datacenter globali. Un profilo di uno dei volti emergenti della digital transformation mondiale, considerato tra le venti personalità africane più influenti del XXI secolo

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The future is on social media: five new digital jobs on the rise

Increasingly prevalent in every aspect of our lives, social networks are shaping lots of new roles: from Gif designers to TikTok managers, these are just some of the careers of the future

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Jack Dorsey: the bad boy of Silicon Valley who got Twitter off the ground

Careerist, arrogant and not even that bright: that's how many see the man in charge. And yet, he seems to be the only one able to get the little blue bird in the air

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