Smart working: how companies are introducing agile working

According to a survey carried out by Industree Communication Hub and TBS Group, employers promote agile working by offering technological tools and using internal publicity campaigns. But the biggest difficulty lies in changing the culture around performance evaluations

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Smart working: saying goodbye to the old work paradigm

Mariano Corso, Scientific Director of the Smart Working Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano: The key to smart working is a result-driven culture no longer based on old employment paradigms. This is the only way to stimulate creativity and cultivate talent.

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Alessandra Stella, the Scientist Manager: “Let the girls manage science. You will be amazed

The Scientific Director of the PTP Science Park in Lodi is one of the few women at the helm of an Italian scientific organization: We're equals when we are at university, and then the men go into management and the women become teachers. Who is to blame? Those who don't know how to explain to girls that science is within their skills and creativity.

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Recipes from the World Economic Forum to Improve Our Labour Market

After twenty years and four reforms, we are still one of the world's more rigid labour markets: a consequence of reforms that concerned only part of the workforce. One of the many (too many) things that we lack to be (at least) on a European level

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Stiglitz: Unemployment is not a fate”

A conversation with the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics: We have to rewrite market rules. Today, the system guarantees the accumulation of financial wealth, and discourages investment in the real economy

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Chronicle of twenty years of flexibility

From the Treu Package (after the name of the minister who proposed it) to the Jobs Act, Italy is moving swiftly in the direction of flexibility, to ensure more mobility in the labour market. However, to sustain growth more active policies on employment are needed as well as a general reform of subsidies

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