Group work? That’s great, but sometimes it’s better to work alone

A Harvard Business School study reveals that for products with a holistic vision, like the Coca-Cola bottle or the iPhone, individual work is better than team work.

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Gap Year? The flexible year that can change your life

Taking a gap year is the best thing that kids can choose to do after high school: it guarantees a step up when the time comes to enter the job market. All your you need to know in 5 questions and answers

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The start-ups of Made in Italy. They are speeding up, but it is hard to be successful

In 2019, 723 million euros were invested in new enterprises in Italy or founded by Italian entrepreneurs: +38% compared to 2018. But only 1% is successful

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Life as a career coach: I can help you make a career, but it’s not a get out of jail free card

Luca Isabella, career coach, talks to us about a growing job profile: Today the concept of career has changed, here's what it takes to carve out your own path

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Barack Obama: ten years after entering the White House

He was sworn in as US president on January 20, 2009. After Donald Trump's victory, the 44th president of the United States now seems to have disappeared from the scene. He appears to be devoting himself to his Obama Foundation, a political training school.

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Working for an NGO: here are the most sought after profiles

In 2018, 800 positions were opened in International Cooperation. Project managers, administrators, communication and advocacy employees: it's up to you

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A year of smart working: a boom in big companies, small-medium sized companies are still behind

A study by Politecnico di Milano portrays a year of law on agile work: the big companies have done well, the public administration has grown, but small-medium sized companies are still uninterested.

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