Happiness: a project within everyone’s reach

Being happy is no mere stroke of fate, but a tangible project that anyone can attain. There are no magic formulas, but there are methods. Sergio Sorgi and Francesca Bertè explain how to be happy people in a happy society.

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Emilie Wapnick: “Specialisation is not necessarily the safest option”

The Canadian writer and entrepreneur takes us on a journey to discover multipotentialites, people who have many different interests, pursuits and talents. How can we recognise them? What are their strengths and biggest challenges?

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What is the secret of happiness? Somewhere between self-awareness and relationships with others

Paola Maugeri and Luca Mazzucchelli offer their personal solutions for taking care of body and soul, especially during social distancing.

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The secret of the fundraiser of the year? Don’t be jealous of their secrets

Donations by Italians in 2016 have broken through the roof of the 5 billion and it is not only the non-profit organisations that are now banking on fundraising. Here are five tips from Roger Bergonzoli, fundraiser of the year 2017

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Brian Chesky, I design the future I want to live in

At the young age of 27, he launched Airbnb, challenging the cliché never to trust strangers, and winning the title of "dad" of sharing economy. What about the future of work and of the company? It all comes down to trusting others

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