From smart working to soft skills: a new vocabulary for a changing workplace

These pandemic-pervading months revolutionised the lexicon of work, coining new terms and affording novel nuances to some words. Here are ten words that will leave their mark on the present and the future.

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When technology becomes the best friend of people with disabilities

Especially during the last year, with the pandemic and lockdown, people have felt the need to have every possible kind of help at home. This also applies to keeping in touch with the outside world and continuing to work

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Anna Odone, the youngest lecturer in Italy who is combating Covid through cartoons

She is 35 years' old and a tenured professor of hygiene at the University of Pavia. But she is also a mother, and during the lockdown she launched an animated cartoon, Leo e Giulia: Noi come voi! [Leo and Julia: like me, like you!] to explain the pandemic to children. Face to face with Anna Odone

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Anna Odone, la docente più giovane d’Italia che combatte il Covid a colpi di cartoon

Ha 35 anni ed è professore ordinario d'Igiene all'Università di Pavia. Ma è anche mamma e durante il lockdown ha lanciato il cartone animato "Leo e Giulia: Noi come voi! per spiegare la pandemia ai bambini. A tu per tu con Anna Odone

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Blended courses and funding (for researchers too): it’s back to university in Italy

Attendance in shifts and seat reservations via app, antibody tests and extra resources to prevent a drop in enrolments: it's back to university with many issues still unsolved but a brand-new mindset

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Didattica mista e aiuti (anche per ricercatori): così ripartono le università dopo il lockdown

Sistemi di turnazione e prenotazione dei posti tramite app, test sierologici e nuove risorse per contrastare il rischio di crollo delle immatricolazioni: gli atenei riaprono fra molte incertezze, ma anche con nuove consapevolezze

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Fincantieri, Tim, Unicredit: ecco come le grandi aziende stanno organizzando lo smart working

In un momento di transizione, e in attesa di nuove regole sul lavoro agile, le imprese si stanno muovendo per trovare una quadra sostenibile e che tenga conto delle esperienze maturate prima e dopo il lockdown

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Fincantieri, TIM, Unicredit: here’s how major companies in Italy are organising smart working

During this period of transition as Italy awaits new regulations on agile work, companies are already making moves to define a sustainable framework based on the lessons learned pre- and post-lockdown

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