Minimum wage: one, perhaps, is not enough

But are we sure that introducing a single minimum wage is right? The cost of living, and consequently the poverty lines, can vary greatly depending on the geographical area. Not only in the Old Continent, but also in Italy. We should therefore talk about more than one minimum wage, instead of just one.

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Andrew Yang, the American multimillionaire with a mission: to get the United States ready to live with robots

Aspiring democratic candidate for the presidential elections in 2020, Yang foresees a dystopian future for Americans in connection with growth in automation. But he does not just play on fear: he also proposes solutions

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Wages and productivity: the great (and double) paradox of the new economy

Why do new technologies sometimes not stimulate productivity? And why is growing productivity not reflected in growing wages? Two paradoxes that economists have been puzzling out since the onset of computers

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