From the “15-minute city” to cycleways, Covid-19 leads to redesign of major cities

Even Milan now seems to want to take inspiration from the Paris model, by switching to other forms of getting around than private cars and increasing green areas. With neighbourhoods very much at the heart of it

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In praise of the bicycle, recovery rides on two wheels

This two-wheeled means of transport has been selected by the Italian government as a symbol of phase 2 in the country's recovery. Sustainable and low cost, the bicycle is enjoying a revival in Italy. But do you know who invented it and how much good it will do to your wallet and your health? Some of these facts may surprise you.

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Transportation of the future, according to Jeffrey Schnapp: Our habits will depend on environmental sustainability

According to the American expert, cars will disappear from urban centers and the new awareness on climate change will be defining factors

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