From Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend onward, the worldwide debate on universal income.

The candidate for the US democratic party primaries has made a proposal for the institution of a basic income of one thousand euros for each citizen, to bolster the economy and abolish inequality. The concept is not new and has already been tested in various parts of the world (including Italy). The results are, however, contradictory. Here is why.

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Wages and productivity: the great (and double) paradox of the new economy

Why do new technologies sometimes not stimulate productivity? And why is growing productivity not reflected in growing wages? Two paradoxes that economists have been puzzling out since the onset of computers

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Salari e produttività: il grande (doppio) paradosso della new economy

Perché a volte le nuove tecnologie non fanno crescere la produttività? E perché la crescita della produttività non fa crescere i salari? Due paradossi su cui si interrogano gli economisti da quando esistono i computer

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