Digital and green, an overview of the labor market in Italy over the next five years

The Excelsior information system of Unioncamere has put together a forecast of Italian employment needs between 2019 and 2023: Digital Transformation and eco-sustainability will involve about 30% of the workers companies and public administration will need

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What do the pharmacies of the future look like? They’re digital and they’re experts in e-commerce

After years as the domain of only the largest digital companies, technology is now transforming all businesses, in every sector - even that of pharmacies.

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Young people go into action: the 10 trendiest green jobs

From horticultural tutor to the agri-beautician, agri-chef and digital livestock breeder. These are the most innovative job profiles in the world of agriculture and the green economy.

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The food industry is hungry for new professions

Digital technology is turning the sector on its head. And while Fico Eataly World - the greatest food park in the world - opens in Bologna, small start-ups are turning more and more to new technologies. Which need completely new skill sets.

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The Green Economy? It will be the largest employer in the coming years

Engineers, mechatronics engineers, risk managers, along with installers, cooks, and construction workers: here is how environmental sustainability can create employment and generate value (not only for our health)

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