Eroticising work and living happily

"The idea that happiness is only possible after work, in spite of work, risks being a death trap, especially for young people", explains Paolo Iacci as he talks with Umberto Galimberti, looking to answer a question that is increasingly central to our lives: can we still give meaning to existence through our career path?

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COVID-19, how the Italian labour market is faring two years into the pandemic

Two years after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the feared boom in redundancies failed to materialise, and there are even new hires, though mostly part-time. Unemployment remains high, yet companies are unable to find the workers they are looking for. Francesco Seghezzi explains a shifting scenario and what the prospects are for the future

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Imperatives on post-COVID-19 reskilling

A McKinsey study on eight different countries reveals a post-pandemic labour market primed to change even faster than expected. By 2030, as many as 100 million workers will need to find a different occupation, acquiring new and more sophisticated skills to remain relevant on the market

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Innovation, education, employment: the guidelines for Italy’s Recovery Plan

The Italian government has presented the goals to be included in its Recovery Plan, which hinges on Next Generation EU funding. The target is to increase the employment rate by ten percentage points

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How can Italy make improvements for women and work?

Italy has hit record levels when it comes to women in employment, yet they are still the lowest in Europe. There is a lack of services, especially nurseries. And there is a need for a system that divides childcare responsibilities equally between the parents

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Is Italy facing a future of fixed-term contracts? Yes, and it needs employability policies and a new welfare system

The figures speak for themselves: Nine jobs in every ten have a fixed term. This is a widespread trend throughout the Western world and it seems difficult to stop it. But really, facilitating transition between jobs and implementing universal welfare would boost employability

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Enough criticism: you need to ask millennials the right questions

Millennials are the generation with the highest level of education and training to date. They have the soft skills the market asks for and yet companies see them as aliens. As children they were mollycoddled, as a generation they're over criticised; yet as we emerge from the economic crisis, millennials want to show their worth. These are the words of Alessandro Rosina.

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