Almost 1 million of unemployed in the middle generation of over 35s. The solution? Lifelong learning

The latest data published by the Italian National Institute for Statistics (ISTAT) reveals that unemployment has fallen in all age brackets except for 35-49 years olds. Lifelong learning is the only way to avoid long-term unemployment.

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Wages and productivity: the great (and double) paradox of the new economy

Why do new technologies sometimes not stimulate productivity? And why is growing productivity not reflected in growing wages? Two paradoxes that economists have been puzzling out since the onset of computers

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Industry 4.0? The investors are now hiring. If Europe forms a system, it will compete with China and the USA”

Marco Taisch, one of the main Italian experts of digital manufacturing and industry 4.0, has faith in the Italian recovery, fostered also by technological innovation of companies, and he is betting on the European agreements: "We can become a system with France and Germany."

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Why soft skills are important (and which are the most sought after by enterprises)

Managing stress, identifying and resolving conflict, asking for help: these skills are not present on your CV, but they are essential for enterprises. Candidates and assessors are faced with the challenge of identifying, assessing and building them

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