The future of Pharma: people-centred technological innovation

Pharma's exponential growth in recent years entailed a surge in new jobs and an unprecedented acceleration of digitalisation. Raffaella Maderna of Lundbeck Italy gives us the lowdown on what's going on.

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Imperatives on post-COVID-19 reskilling

A McKinsey study on eight different countries reveals a post-pandemic labour market primed to change even faster than expected. By 2030, as many as 100 million workers will need to find a different occupation, acquiring new and more sophisticated skills to remain relevant on the market

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Art goes social: where are the future professions in the sector?

Digital art sharer and influencer Elisabetta Roncati helps us understand how the sector is evolving and how social networks and the internet can be a valuable vehicle for promoting culture.

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When TV talks about work: the case of the program Il Posto Giusto

Federico Ruffo, a Rai Tre journalist, supported by the Ministry of Labor and Anpal, says: "Work has changed. Training courses should start taking awareness of the needs of the productive fabric

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What do the pharmacies of the future look like? They’re digital and they’re experts in e-commerce

After years as the domain of only the largest digital companies, technology is now transforming all businesses, in every sector - even that of pharmacies.

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How is the best of the best created? Radically changing the students’ expectations

This is the conviction of Scott Westfahl, guru of legal training and director of executive education at Harvard Law School, the most esteemed law faculty in the world

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In order to be useful, technology needs to be attractive

What are the ideals of the founder of H-Farm, one of the most important incubators of innovative start-ups in Europe? And his vision on the professions of tomorrow? A lecture by Professor Riccardo Donadon

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