The Adecco Group Italia CEO, Andrea Malacrida: The employability value and Dignity Decree difficulties

A video interview with The Adecco Group Italia Country Manager about employability, Dignity Decree and Citizen's Income

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Who is the Case Manager, or rather, the manager of complexity

Who is the case manager? Increasingly complex welfare needs require a holistic vision, tailored action and the ability to coordinate several sources of aid. This is how the profession of social worker is being transformed.

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The miracle of Trabajo y persona: creating business in impoverished Venezuela

Alejandro Marius is a former business executive who started a non-profit project which for ten years has been teaching a trade to thousands of Venezuelans

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The beer that creates jobs: six new hires every day in the industry

From 2015 to 2017, the number of people employed in the beer sector has increased by 5% (4,000 units). This means that at least six people find work in the beer industry every day. Beer Observatory data

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People with disabilities and the world of work: an opportunity for everyone, say managers

An AstraRicerche survey reveals that having disabled employees boosts efficiency and innovation in companies

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Stressed or Lazy? Young people need to learn to be problem solvers

The book by Antonella Salvatore, Director of the Center for Career Services at John Cabot University, offers encouragement for NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) facing the world of work: being competitive requires a cultural change

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Professional beekeeping: the Italian market and the impact of technology

There are 45,513 Italian beekeepers in a sector worth over 2 million. Honey consumption is increasing, yet production is falling as a result of climate change and disease. Technology, however, could be a source of support for the future of this profession

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This is how the legal profession will survive the advance of robots

Artificial intelligence risks replacing various professions, but not in the field of law. Indeed, the way in which the law is practised will undergo profound changes due to technology, but AI could actually make the job much more interesting

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Hyper-technological society? There’s no need for technicians, but for hybrid figures

What are required are managers of complexity, spanning different areas of knowledge and drawing opportunities from each. Interview with Piero Dominici, Professor of Public Communication and Intelligence Operations at the University of Perugia

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