The long journey towards a global minimum tax for multinationals

A deal was reached after years of debate: multinational companies will have to pay a global minimum tax of 15%. This decision was taken by the finance ministers of the G7 in June 2021 and confirmed at the G20 in July.

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Imperatives on post-COVID-19 reskilling

A McKinsey study on eight different countries reveals a post-pandemic labour market primed to change even faster than expected. By 2030, as many as 100 million workers will need to find a different occupation, acquiring new and more sophisticated skills to remain relevant on the market

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Build Back Better : Joe Biden’s plan for economic and jobs recovery in the United States

Combating the pandemic, and policies for the green transition and women: the US president-elect has presented a detailed plan for launching recovery in the United States, starting with jobs (with equality in mind)

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Unions for all : how the American trade unions are reborn (European style)

In the US, the trade union system is collapsing: the corporate level organization has led to the collapse of enrolments and strong inequalities among workers. But now proposals are starting to be circulated to move towards a European system on an intercompany level based on collective agreements

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Elizabeth Warren, how the sheriff of Wall Street wants to reform capitalism in America

Elizabeth Warren, 69 years old, senator for Massachusetts, has announced her candidacy to the democratic primaries before the presidential elections in 2020. With her Accountable Capitalism Act, she is hoping to make large businesses responsible not only to shareholders but also the public

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