CEO of Aboca, Mercati: Companies are living systems that generate value

Why are companies founded? The answer would appear to be simple: to generate profit'. But nowadays, explains Massimo Mercati, CEO of Aboca, that is not enough. We need to add words like responsibility', sustainability' and - above all - value'.

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The 100,000 volunteers on the front line during the emergency – and the recovery – in Italy

There are over 100,000 people in Italy who have not locked down: staying at home is not for them - they go out to help others. They are Italy's volunteers. Without them, the Covid-19 emergency would be even tougher.

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Anyone for smart working? Double the number during the coronavirus outbreak

Since the Italian government issued its first decree to contain the coronavirus outbreak on February 23, the number of agile workers in the country has risen to over a million. And the number is still growing. Arianna Visentini, co-author of the book Smart Working: mai più senza' (Smart Working: never be without it), explains why smart working is a practice that should stay even after this emergency has passed.

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Impact education is the key to winning the challenges if the technological revolution

This is the objective of the Cottino Social Impact Campus of Turin, Italy, presented at the international conference Impactwise , to which economists Marina Mazzucato and Raghuram Rajan took part.

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The true value of innovation (and the public investment that is needed to implement it) according to Mariana Mazzucato

What generates innovation today, and which engines regulate it? According to the economist at UCL in London, the problem is that countries have lost consciousness about their ability to generate wealth. But change is possible - here's how

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The value of stories: how storytelling becomes a brand

We all need to tell a story. Storytelling, however, is more than just a story: it is an organization of thought and life that allows companies and individuals to increase their narrative capital. Andrea Fontana, a pioneer of storytelling in Italy, explains

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