Anti-fragility, courage, flexibility: all the strategic soft skills required to cope with the future

Kickstarting our lives again will be a difficult test for everyone. To ensure that this is achieved with maximum success, companies and people will need to develop new skills and expertise. Luca Foresti, CEO of the Santagostino Medical Centre, presents us with his thoughts on this.

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The world of Bending Spoons, the start-up that developed the Immuni App

The company that developed Italy's contact-tracing App to combat the coronavirus was named the country's best workplace this year. Behind the App is a young, agile team and the company is still hiring (despite the emergency)

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Blended courses and funding (for researchers too): it’s back to university in Italy

Attendance in shifts and seat reservations via app, antibody tests and extra resources to prevent a drop in enrolments: it's back to university with many issues still unsolved but a brand-new mindset

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Internships in times of Covid: here’s how to incentivise them

Due to the pandemic, some internships have been postponed and others cancelled altogether. Many others went ahead remotely. Eleonora Voltolina, editor of La Repubblica degli Stagisti' (The Interns' Republic): The government should provide financial incentives

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The NEET emergency: too many young Italians are still not in education or employment

A StarNet report provides a snapshot of the situation: more than 2 million Italian youngsters are not in employment, education or training and over the past six years, the policies to help them have only gone halfway to solving the problem

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De Bortoli: We will make it thanks to the private social sector. Youngsters? They need to be persistent.

We will make it despite everything. Journalist Ferruccio De Bortoli is certain that the title of one of his latest books is true.

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Innovation, SMEs, training: elements of the Colao Plan’ 2020-2022 to get Italy back on track

The 121-page report ranging from education to enterprises with an estimated value of 170 billion euro

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Isabelle Autissier: The sea taught me that GDP is not the most important thing

In 1991 at the age of 34, the French yachtswoman realised her childhood dream to sail around the world. She is the first woman to have done so.

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