Think like a designer, act like a startupper

There’s no such thing as luck. There is a moment when talent can seize an opportunity

Seneca was no believer in chance, only the existence of opportunities. There is a place and even a time for talent to freely express, reveal and form itself. This assumption is just as valid today as it was in 20 BC.

Talent management has clearly emerged as a key factor in the ongoing flurry of change driven by the acceleration dictated by digital transformation and the dynamics of the pandemic. How can we recognise and give visibility to talent in an ontologically closed context governed by strict rules and procedures? Can you really become an entrepreneur and still be an employee? Are innovators really destined to launch a start-up? Can entrepreneurship become an organisational model?

At PHYD’s digital event on 1 March, Think like a designer, act like a startupper: what you wouldn’t expect when working for a bank, Roberto Battaglia, Personnel Director at Intesa Sanpaolo’s IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division, answers these and many other questions on the importance of enhancing human capital to build the businesses of tomorrow, and he does so by drawing from his extensive experience in human resources and from his provocatively titled book “Startupper in azienda. Liberare il potenziale imprenditoriale nascosto nelle organizzazioni” (Company Startupper. Unleashing the Hidden Entrepreneurial Potential in Organisations) (published by Egea). He is joined by Viola Giacometti, strategic storytelling expert, co-founder of the non-profit Storyfactory, and head of several talent attraction & engagement projects.

Companies need to be like rainforests governed by the unexpected, the unpredictable

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