To improve welfare, go to the polls and invest in quality

“The young need to get out and vote! It doesn’t matter which party, just get yourself to the polls!”

Precious advice that Bruno Palier is offering to young people. Palier, Research Director of the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) at the Paris Sciences Po University, is an expert in the politics of welfare.

“Unfortunately, far fewer young people are going to the polls than in previous generations, meaning the political parties have no concern for them.”

That’s why it’s fundamental that young people, in addition to becoming as qualified as possible, start making themselves heard in politics again. This generation is full of ideas and potential but often underestimated and somewhat ignored by public and social policy. They need to express and share what’s increasingly important to them and what they need.

Palier therefore suggests investing in training to improve skills, with a focus not on quantity but on quality: quality of work, a quality work force and quality services on offer.

And in this light, the threat of artificial intelligence is dramatically reduced. Managing interaction with AI in the right way, making use of it for the most repetitive and dangerous tasks, would give the human workforce the chance to devote itself to quality work that is more stimulating and challenging.

Despite the scenario in Italy – where certain roles are highly protected and others precarious – an increase in employee benefits, particularly in small to medium-sized businesses, has been noted. This is especially as a result of government incentives. Work-life balance, pension schemes and health are among the key issues the state is addressing.

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