Ellen Pao: the face of the awakening of women at work

Ellen K. Pao, 49, is a woman who has a lot to teach us all: women, men and the world of employment.

The daughter of Chinese immigrants, after greatly successful studies, Ellen got to Silicon Valley, ready to give her everything but also eager to be rewarded for her commitment.

She soon realized that being a woman and belonging to an ethnic minority are two reasons that excluded her from the most important decision-making processes and thus prevented her from making a career.

In 2012 Ellen began a legal battle, accusing her company of gender discrimination. Although she lost in court, she has published a book in which she tells her story (Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change”) and has participated in the creation of a non-profit project (Project include) that helps companies to be more inclusive.

“I hope that everything I have learned and all the mistakes I have made can help other people” she told us at this meeting…

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