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The Adecco Group Chief sales, branding & innovation officer Manlio Ciralli explained: “Great job opportunities will be increasingly linked to the great innovations underway.” In the first episode of the podcast series NoEthicsNoBrand Ciralli spoke with the programme’s host Giacomo Zito.

Future, ethics, knowledge and work are the podcast’s focused themes. Ciralli observed that technological innovation poses a challenge for everyone: "Either you change, or it changes you."

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Between now and 2025, 9.5 million new jobs are expected in Europe, many of which are related to Artificial Intelligence and robotics. This means that “tomorrow there will be more job opportunities than people capable of taking them,” Ciralli said.

It is essential to work on training and your ability to specialise – a particularly crucial step, addressed in the podcast: from skill to knowledge. There is a need to talk and learn about work with a new approach. Present and future jobs are part of our ability to meet the future ethical challenges.

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