How Giacomo Pigni became a Knight of the Italian Republic at 24

Italy's President, Sergio Mattarella, has awarded the honour of Knight of the Republic to a young man from the Northern town of Legnano for having recruited a group of around 30 students for a volunteer project during the Covid-19 emergency

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Simona Morini, philosopher: Don’t be afraid of risk: face up to it

This pandemic has exposed how, in interconnected systems, a local risk can turn into a global threat. The philosopher Simona Morini explains: What we need is a new kind of education that draws on the power of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Big Data.

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Mauro Magatti: The future rests on the shoulders of those who cherish hope.

This pandemic has shaken our social bonds, breeding fear and anxiety. Yet, from this state of risk and vulnerability in which we find ourselves, a society can emerge that is stronger, freer and with a greater capacity to collaborate.

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