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How universities teach the green evolution in the world of work

O-Fire (the observatory for impact finance and its economic implications) is the scientific centre of the Bicocca University of Milan that monitors the state of green finance, sustainable and responsible investments and corporate ESG criteria compliance.

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Circular economy: a race among agrifood startups

A quarter of the 7,120 new companies surveyed in the sector worldwide pursue sustainability goals: sustainable consumption and production, ending hunger and inclusive and sustainable economic growth. All the figures and trends of the phenomenon

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C-Corp, companies giving back to the community

"The C-Corp is CSR that is now coming of age", explains Paolo Gubitta, professor of Business Organisation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Padua, who coined the term with Guido Zovico

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Here’s how the creative economy can drive sustainable development

The United Nations has designated the sector as a driving force for building a future that respects the environment, workers and the essential pillars of democracy

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One in two Italians will stop buying a brand if disappointed by its behaviour

The Civic Brands Observatory survey examines the "say-do gap": "A company's civic engagement has a distinct economic impact now that 'social behaviour' has emerged as a compelling purchasing driver", points out the research institute's co-founder Paolo Iabichino.

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Money makes you happy (but not necessarily). The words of an ethical banker

Ugo Biggeri, the founder of Banca Etica and currently President of the asset management company Etica sgr has brought out a vademecum for financial survival.

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Here’s how artificial intelligence (AI) can promote a model of sustainable development

A wise use of the data and algorithms available nowadays offers the opportunity to implement systemic changes, while measuring and restricting the environmental and social impacts of economic activities and reducing waste and negative external factors.

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Green jobs, Milan ranks seventh in the world

LinkedIn's latest insights on labour market trends: The number of sustainability professionals has increased by 13%. The demand for green jobs in Europe has grown 49% over the last year . And Milan ranks in the world's top ten

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CEO of Aboca, Mercati: Companies are living systems that generate value

Why are companies founded? The answer would appear to be simple: to generate profit'. But nowadays, explains Massimo Mercati, CEO of Aboca, that is not enough. We need to add words like responsibility', sustainability' and - above all - value'.

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