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There can be no progress without an appreciation of female talent

Women account for about half of the world's population, yet the path to real gender equality is still long, even in many advanced countries. Professor Ana Marta Guillén Rodríguez discusses the causes of this phenomenon

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Gender gap and competitiveness, the reason for investing in women’s employment

In the second round of "WOW – Women on Wednesday", PHYD compares the visions of Cathy La Torre, Marianna Poletti and Virginia Stagni on the future of work.

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What we learned from watching 90 TV series…

Series such as Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, The Warden, The Handmaid's Tale help to bring out pressing contemporary issues such as racism and feminism. Two 'couch anthropologists' share their insights after watching and studying ninety of them

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Women and work: new welfare instruments beyond maternity leave

A statutory leave is insufficient for women workers seeking a smooth return to work after childbirth. Companies are thus incorporating innovative instruments: from the Sanofi case to employers rewarded by women

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Gender data gap: how our world ignores women

Medicine, surgery, science but also technology have always moved within a gender stereotype that ignores, or belittles, women. For example, women have been excluded from scientific tests for years and smartphones are developed according to the size of men's hands. Today things are changing, but it is still not enough.

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How COVID affects foreign labour

The Leone Moressa Foundation's 2021 Annual Report reveals a lower employment rate for immigrants than Italian workers. Yet the number of companies led by foreigners has increased. And the economy still benefits enormously from immigration

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The Equal Pay Act is vital, yet still only a first step

The gender pay gap measure was unanimously approved by the House and Senate: it now needs to be integrated to render jobs in Italy truly fair and inclusive. We interviewed Democratic Party MP Chiara Gribaudo, the first to sign this law

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Recognising migrant talent: an asset for our country

Tapping into the potential of refugees is not easy in Italy. Official recognition of academic qualifications is one issue. However, efforts must also be made to ensure that the right skills are trained and companies have integration processes in place.

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Women and technology, how cinema portrays the work of today and tomorrow

The Turin-hosted Job Film Days 2021 discussed women, young people, prospects, security and the gig economy. What is lacking to date are films that tell the story of COVID and the recent changes in the economy.

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