Making the difference? It’s a challenge. Made for women

This question prompted the experience of new Ashoka Fellows Giulia Detomati (InVento) and Rosy Russo (Parole O_Stili). The two experts were selected for having suggested innovative solutions involving the younger generation

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The new job opportunities created by the metaverse

Software developers, engineers and computer scientists will be leading the first phase of creating a virtual reality for avatars. But eventually a detailed world will have to be created, and this will only be possible with architects, designers, mathematicians and many other professional profiles.

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Barbero and his brothers, from scholars to web stars

Use your scientific and academic method to get into the homes and headsets of millions of Italians: from popularisers who focus on storytelling to academic-popularisers like historian Alessandro Barbero

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The metaverse is inevitable and will change the future of work forever. Quintarelli’s point of view

Virtual reality is the next frontier in computer technology, an imminent destination. Like all technologies, we will have to get used to it, says Italian Internet pioneer Stefano Quintarelli: "Society is always adapting to make the best use of new tools, we simply need to understand their potential"

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InPa, how public administration’s new Linkedin works

The InPa can be used to participate in tender procedures in the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan and also ordinary public procurement processes. An innovative tool developed with the contribution of Almaviva and LinkedIn

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Luigi Marattin explains how the new tax system will be lighter and simpler

The chairman of the Parliament's Finance Committee says that the government approved the tax enabling act to create a new structure for encouraging rather than hindering economic growth. Changes will affect personal and corporate income taxes (Irpef and Ires), in addition to shelving the regional production tax (Irap) and action on the tax wedge

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Circular economy: a race among agrifood startups

A quarter of the 7,120 new companies surveyed in the sector worldwide pursue sustainability goals: sustainable consumption and production, ending hunger and inclusive and sustainable economic growth. All the figures and trends of the phenomenon

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