Making the difference? It’s a challenge. Made for women

This question prompted the experience of new Ashoka Fellows Giulia Detomati (InVento) and Rosy Russo (Parole O_Stili). The two experts were selected for having suggested innovative solutions involving the younger generation

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Anton Hemerijck: “We need lifelong learning to tackle skill mismatches”

Unemployment rates remain high in our country, yet many companies struggle to find the professionals they need. Just what are the causes of this misalignment? What are the possible solutions? A viewpoint from Professor Hemerjick

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How universities teach the green evolution in the world of work

O-Fire (the observatory for impact finance and its economic implications) is the scientific centre of the Bicocca University of Milan that monitors the state of green finance, sustainable and responsible investments and corporate ESG criteria compliance.

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Barbero and his brothers, from scholars to web stars

Use your scientific and academic method to get into the homes and headsets of millions of Italians: from popularisers who focus on storytelling to academic-popularisers like historian Alessandro Barbero

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Work with ‘augmented humanity’. Investing in people for a future within everyone’s reach

Marco Bentivogli joins us for a PHYD talk on smart working, the meaning of work and the role of the work architect.

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Construction of the future: a changing sector between new professions and training

After a decade of crisis, the profession is evolving. There is a need for new professionals linked to the digital world and the circular economy to ensure the ecological transition of the sector.

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National plan for new skills, in detail

An inherent measure in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, set to reshape and enhance worker training. Rome seeks to engage this new measure to reorganise reskilling for workers of all ages in transition and unemployed, the laid-off and NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

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Vittadini: “Character skills are the future direction in the workplace”

The "characteristics of a person relating to the emotional and psycho-social sphere" are becoming increasingly vital in the complex society we currently live in. This is explained by the president of the Foundation for Subsidiarity, who is joint editor of an important publication on this topic.

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Professional podcasters, how to ride the crest of the sound wave

A recent Nielsen survey shows that over 14 million users follow podcasts. But how can a podcast be created from scratch? What are the professional spaces in the voice market? What sort of training is needed? Rossella Pivanti talks about this at a PHYD event

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Sandro Marenco: “how social media have become an educational tool”

Known as Italy's best-loved 'social prof'. His Instagram and Tik Tok profiles have won over thousands of students in just a few months, demonstrating how social networks can be valuable allies for education and valid channels for building a new model for digital schools

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