Future of Work

A tricky green conversion in the Italian automotive sector

Our country should stop selling cars with diesel or petrol engines by 2035 and switch to electric cars. New skills, new professional profiles and more research will be needed

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Eroticising work and living happily

"The idea that happiness is only possible after work, in spite of work, risks being a death trap, especially for young people", explains Paolo Iacci as he talks with Umberto Galimberti, looking to answer a question that is increasingly central to our lives: can we still give meaning to existence through our career path?

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Anton Hemerijck: “We need lifelong learning to tackle skill mismatches”

Unemployment rates remain high in our country, yet many companies struggle to find the professionals they need. Just what are the causes of this misalignment? What are the possible solutions? A viewpoint from Professor Hemerjick

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Right to disconnect: how are European countries faring?

Nearly every EU Member State has embraced teleworking and is now trying to regulate its multifaceted aspects. Even so, legislation is not yet consistent regarding the necessary distinction between private and working life.

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Talkin Pills, an Instagram page all about the world of work

Conceived in the midst of a lockdown, this project has already emerged as a compass for so many young people who, once out of university, may find it difficult to find their way around. A brand that shines with a straightforward, poignant style

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Five proposals to overcome impoverished work

Minister Orlando resolved to intervene by setting up a working group to examine the causes of this phenomenon and devise possible solutions. "We proposed a mix between the extension of collective bargaining and the introduction of a minimum wage", explains professor Silvia Ciucciovino

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COVID-19, how the Italian labour market is faring two years into the pandemic

Two years after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the feared boom in redundancies failed to materialise, and there are even new hires, though mostly part-time. Unemployment remains high, yet companies are unable to find the workers they are looking for. Francesco Seghezzi explains a shifting scenario and what the prospects are for the future

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Inflation and the threat of a wage-price spiral, according to Roberto Perotti

Prices of goods and services are generally rising in Italy, Europe and many developed countries. The Bocconi economist helps explain why the resulting wage increases are not necessarily good news.

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Work in the eyes of cinema. From ‘The Good Boss’ to Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’

Cinematography and cinema forums often examine our working world, for instance in the film 'The Good Boss' starring Javier Bardem. The article analyses some of the world's best-known films on work, from Charlie Chaplin's historic Modern Times (1936) to Ken Loach's Sorry, We Missed You (2019) and Paolo Virzì's Your Whole Life Ahead of You (2008).

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Construction of the future: a changing sector between new professions and training

After a decade of crisis, the profession is evolving. There is a need for new professionals linked to the digital world and the circular economy to ensure the ecological transition of the sector.

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