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E-sports are a goldmine for new jobs

The video game universe, with its online competitions, represents a market worth nearly €50 million in Italy, also thanks to a fan base of 1.6 million people. Yet now real regulation is needed to make it a sustainable business

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Jobs and professions: is the pandemic really shifting paradigms?

The pandemic has accelerated existing processes and created new trends. One outcome of these changes was the displacement of professionals from the sectors most affected by the consequences of the rules to contain COVID-19. Interview with Francesco Armillei, research assistant at the London School of Economics and member of the think-tank Tortuga

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Professional podcasters, how to ride the crest of the sound wave

A recent Nielsen survey shows that over 14 million users follow podcasts. But how can a podcast be created from scratch? What are the professional spaces in the voice market? What sort of training is needed? Rossella Pivanti talks about this at a PHYD event

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The working world is heading for the Life-Work Revolution

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the plans of many workers, who now seem to be looking for a new balance between private life and their jobs. "We are facing a new phase", says occupational psychologist Michela Vignoli.

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From skills to active policies: what the plan needs for success

Morning Future attended Linkiesta Festival 2021 as Media Partner to take part in the talks by Luigi Marattin, Chiara Gribaudo, Roberto Benaglia and Andrea Malacrida on employment prospects linked to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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New active policies in GOL, Italy’s Employability Guarantee for Workers Programme

While the GOL programme budget stands at nearly €5 billion, the regional programmes will nevertheless prove decisive. There is a pressing need to create new public-private partnerships, even involving private agencies and universities

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The blue wave of European investments and the new jobs at sea

The European Green Deal is setting the stage for a post-pandemic recovery plan, with the blue economy at the heart of its investments. A growing number of the younger generation in Italy are opting for 'blue degrees' to bolster their employment opportunities.

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Gastronomer Michele Crippa, re-educating a COVID-altered sense of smell

All he smelled for months after he recovered was cooked cabbage. With the help of a number of professionals, he developed a tool to help patients regain their sense of smell and correct sensory deficits.

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