“What about the green economy? It’s the best solution to the crisis we’re going through.”

The constant acquisition of green skills will be a must for all industrial sectors. This is the message from the latest GreenItaly report published by Fondazione Symbola, which promotes the quality of products made in Italy, and Unioncamere, the union of Italian Chambers of Commerce. The reasons for this are clearly presented in this interview with Ermete Realacci, who is a politician and environmentalist, as well as being the chairman of Symbola.

According to research carried out, 432,000 Italian companies have invested in the green economy in the last five years.

Those pursuing green policies are more resilient. Among the companies which have invested in sustainability, 16% have managed to increase their turnover, compared to 9% of non-green companies.

In Ermete Realacci's view, the green economy is the best solution to the crisis we're going through. And he clarifies this by paraphrasing the words of Frank Capra: "The amateurs play for fun when the weather is nice, the professionals play to win in the midst of the storm". Now the storm is raging and we can't afford to fail to meet this challenge.

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