Independent and flexible, meet our digital nomads

Adapting work to suit their lifestyle, enjoying freedom in time management, having the possibility to travel and relocating according to their needs. Digital nomadism exists for many reasons: a burgeoning trend not only among young people, indeed…

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From smart working to soft skills: a new vocabulary for a changing workplace

These pandemic-pervading months revolutionised the lexicon of work, coining new terms and affording novel nuances to some words. Here are ten words that will leave their mark on the present and the future.

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Smart working what to improve when the emergency is over?

Working hours need to be regulated, technology gaps need to be bridged and responsibility to be clarified these are just a few of the issues highlighted in recent weeks by employees who have been working from home. Various solutions have been put forward. We look at two sides to the argument put forward by the Unions and Professor Mariano Corso of Milan Polytechnic.

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Anyone for smart working? Double the number during the coronavirus outbreak

Since the Italian government issued its first decree to contain the coronavirus outbreak on February 23, the number of agile workers in the country has risen to over a million. And the number is still growing. Arianna Visentini, co-author of the book Smart Working: mai più senza' (Smart Working: never be without it), explains why smart working is a practice that should stay even after this emergency has passed.

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Fosca Giannotti: We need tv series with more IT women

As the research director at the CNR of Pisa with a background in computer science, Fosca Giannotti has been in charge of data mining and machine learning for 20 years: "The girls I meet are better than boys. But few choose IT faculties

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Daniel Goleman, the art of leadership explained through feelings

In his Primal leadership - Unleashing the power of Emotional Intelligence , psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman explains how the art of leadership moves through emotional intelligence

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Backtrack: Open Space reduces productivity and relationships between colleagues

Open space offices seem like a bad investment to make the most of employees and create closer relationships between colleagues. Several studies indicate so

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