How to make university studies count towards your pension in Italy

In Italy, it is possible to convert' the years spent studying at university into pension contributions and a potentially early retirement. However, it can be quite costly here's how it works

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Minimum pension guarantee, a social security parachute’ for young Italians

The Italian Labour Minister Nunzia Catalfo and the trade unions have held their first meeting and work has now begun on creating a minimum pension guarantee for those who entered the working world after 1996 and who, as a result of their intermittent careers, risk getting a very small pension check when they retire.

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Children of debt : here is how public debt weighs down on new generations

There is a generation, as Francesco Vecchi, a journalist from the Italian TV channel Canale 5 explains in his book I figli del debito. Come i nostri padri ci hanno rubato il futuro (Children of debt. How our forebears stole our future) Piemme, that is kept hostage by the consequences of the big black hole in the State budget

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Almost 1 million of unemployed in the middle generation of over 35s. The solution? Lifelong learning

The latest data published by the Italian National Institute for Statistics (ISTAT) reveals that unemployment has fallen in all age brackets except for 35-49 years olds. Lifelong learning is the only way to avoid long-term unemployment.

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